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Pin believes ‘story’ always happens in life. She loved reading and painting since she was young. During her phase of growing up, she started adding small stories and imagining plots to each scene she met in life one after another, guessing what happened or will happen behind. Story, it doesn’t need to have a long plot or start from ‘once upon a time.’ It might be short and plain, but Pin just enjoys creating these causes and effects.


And because of that, Pin wants to embed this concept into her artworks. She aims to creating illustration for people to expand their imagination, hopes people can enjoy the process of finding the stories behind her illustration.

Pin-Hsuan Chiang, as known as Pin, a freelance illustrator, was born in Taiwan and has studied abroad in the United States. She graduated with a BFA degree in Illustration at The Academy of Art University in 2013. She lives in Taiwan currently.

Traditional skills


Pen and ink

Colored pencils

Oil Painting

Technical skills

​Adobe Illustrator

​Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe InDesign


Greeting card design

Vector art

Graphic design

Character design

Children's book illustration


Book art

Minimal animation

Video editing skill