Children's Book 童書系列

PROJECT #1: Picture Book Smiling Mail

About the Book

An adorable girl, Lucy, and her friends from various countries deepen their friendship by sending letters to each other. They share happiness and feelings through these letters, and the mail deeply influences Lucy’s emotion.

Today children seldom send letters because technology is more common and faster. Sending snail mail becomes an entertainment or hobby. This book is based on my personal experience of keeping in touch with friends in my hometown by writing letters. I hope children will discover the fun of sending letters just as I do.

Children will want to experience what Lucy does, sharing life stories in letters, expecting the reply, and feeling excited when opening her mailbox. The story is most suitable for children who are separated from their friends for whatever reason. This story teaches them a way to enhance their friendship and still have fun.

PROJECT #2: Picture Book Hey,Old Paul

About the Book

Old Paul is a polar bear who doesn’t seem interested in anything in the zoo. On the other hand, Mignon, the daughter of a zookeeper, loves the zoo and especially loves to visit Old Paul so much. She always tries to understand what Paul is thinking and how to cheer him up. She wants to be Paul's best friend.


Zoo is a pleasure place for family and children to visit and experience the wild nature. However, do people ever think about what animals feel about the zoo? Limited space for moving, steady food supply, and lots of gaze from visitors.


Children will try to figure out what Old Paul is thinking with Mignon. They will keep wonder why Paul isn’t interested in anything and what makes him respond. They need to understand that animals don’t choose to live in the zoo by themselves, and human doesn’t have the right to force them either. This story will arouse children to concern more about animals’ feeling. Understanding and caring about every living life.


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